Back in 1962 is when everything started and for us it was all about interior design. Palm Springs in many ways was ground zero for interior design. Most every client was affluent and the desert was not their primary home. This meant less inhibition and the desire for something different than what was allowed back home.


Steven De Christopher, Sr. was born in 1936 in Chicago, Illinois where he remained until serving in the United States Air Force in Germany from 1956 through 1962. While stationed in Germany he met his wife Ursula and had his first child Steven, Jr. The new family then moved to Palm Springs, California in 1962.

Palm Springs was quite a different place in 1962 and the opportunities for the design business were unique. Back then Palm Springs in many ways was ground zero for the latest trends in interior design. Most design clients were part time desert residents. Since the homes were not primary residences, this meant less inhibition and the desire for something different than what was allowed back home. Most all of the family furniture was back home so this meant a blank canvas for us to decorate their new desert homes. With the abundance of land, remodels were virtually unheard of.

After working with several Palm Springs design studios De Christopher, Sr. then developed a close working relationship with one of the largest design studios in the Valley. Together they rapidly became one of the leading forces in the residential design and consulting market.

In the late 60’s and on through the 70’s and 80’s, De Christopher was part of the team that developed the design center concepts for the largest local developers of the day. Such notable projects from that period included Canyon Country Club, Sunrise Country Club, Desert Island Country Club, Rancho Las Palmas Country Club, Monterey Country Club, Desert Horizons Country Club, Laguna De La Paz and many others. De Christopher model homes and design centers were as far south as Coronado Shores in San Diego and as far north as Mountain View Estates in the Los Angeles Area.

Steven De Christopher, Sr. has continued to redefine himself every decade and has continued to be considered one of the leading California designers. He is still active with many clients and has expanded his company to include in-house building design, landscape design and construction to compliment the interior design.


Steven De Christopher, Jr. has lived most all of his life in Palm Springs and was exposed to design through his fathers work while growing up. De Christopher, Jr. was always active in art and design as a child and provided illustration designs for a learning metric book at the age of 15. Attending art classes and hanging out at the design studio as a child was the inspiration for later going into the family design business.

At 19, Steven De Christopher, Jr. left the desert to attend UCLA Environmental Design Program which he graduated from in 1981. He then immediately started in the family business where he has been for over 25 years. Together with his father they have continued to grow the business and have included building design and construction to the companies services.


Over the last 40 years the company has evolved from providing just interior design services to offering building design, construction and landscape design. The company has now become the desert’s premiere one stop resource for all phases of design and construction.

Compared to most other desert Building Designers, De Christopher is unique in its approach to designing and construction of residential building design. The company believes to be a great designer of buildings, you must also be a great interior designer and have a construction background. As a building designer, interior designer and general contractor, De Christopher has the unique sensitivity of how rooms will be ultimately lived in and the costs involved.

De Christopher makes available to its clients the most technologically advanced products and services which include home cinema, audio-video solutions, lighting control, structured wiring, HVAC control, motorized blinds, security systems and now even complete solar energy systems.

From Past to Present Day, De Christopher continues to redefine what a design company should be.