Our projects range from small kitchen remodels to tearing a house down to the studs.

When we look at a remodel project the very first thing we evaluate is the cost effectiveness of remodeling versus moving. For many of our clients they want to know if they will get their money out of the house if they ever decide to sell. We are able to give a quick estimate against the comps for the surrounding area so you can make an informed decision. The we proceed by asking a lot of questions. What are your needs? How do you live? Do you like to cook? Do guests stay often? Do you need an office? Are the closets big enough? We need to examine how the house is going to work. We have the vision to see the project done before we even start. Once we get the functional part resolved we look at the “bones” of the house. What’s ok and what needs changing. Then we look at style. The goal is always to make the home when its done not to look like it was remodeled. When we are finished we want it to look as if it were a complete original and not a revamping of an old outdated home.

The other important factor in remodeling is evaluating the integrity of the existing building. How’s the plumbing, the air conditioning, the roof, the electrical and the structural integrity. Since we are general contractors we can make these evaluations in the initial stages.


  1. evaluation of existing conditions
  2. site planning
  3. civil engineering
  4. building design
  5. structural engineering coordination
  6. landscape design
  7. construction plans & specifications
  8. homeowner association submittals and approval
  9. city permit submittals and approvals


Our building design experience started back in the 1960's as the desert's go to design studio for not only homeowners but also some of the desert's most known developers of the day. Over the years our involvement in the design of residential buildings has continued to substantially grow.

Now forty years later we have our own in house building designers and draftsmen creating building design projects throughout the valley in a variety of styles, sizes and budgets.

Compared to most other desert Building Designers we are unique in our approach to designing residential buildings. As both a building designer and interior designer we have the unique sensitivity of how rooms will be ultimately lived in. The design selections of flooring materials, cabinet designs, kitchen layout, lighting, wall treatments, fireplace, the color pallet and materials to be used. Most designs of buildings only broadly touch on these important design considerations. All of these extra designs and selections are included as part of our Building Design Service.


Our Fees are surprisingly affordable. All costs are discussed up front and usually during our first meeting.

We always have a good idea of what construction costs are going to be since we are also general contractors and build many of the homes we design.

We believe it's important to have a sense of what things cost before the design process starts.


Every one of our clients starts from a different place. Some have had a great deal of experience with design and construction and know what they want and how to go about getting it. Others have never been through the building design process before and are looking for more guidance.

Regardless of your background, we guide you with our simple and easy design process. Our philosophy is to create the best design options for you and in doing so you can make informed decisions.

With us all styles are possible. You can see it in our past work.

We've been careful not to specialize in one particular style. We found it too limiting for our creative company. We are unique in this way. To us that's not creative. We took it one step further. Why just design "high end" or "production". We made a conscious effort to offer great building design at all price points. We enjoy reaching a broad section of the population. The 2,100 square foot home in Desert Hot Springs was as important as the 40,000 square foot single family home in Indiana.

We are uniquely us. We have chosen to redefine what a design company is. It has taken us forty years to get here.


Today in the area of building technology there has never been more innovations available. Virtually every building trade has been affected by innovation.

The choices can be over whelming.

We make available to our clients the most technologically advanced products and services which include home cinema, audio-video solutions, lighting control, structured wiring, HVAC control, motorized blinds, security systems and now even complete solar energy systems.