Our model home division started back in the mid 60’s with Roy Fey’s Canyon Estates in Palm Springs. Together with the Developer we provided a revolutionary offering for its day. We were the pioneers of the Palm Springs Style and homes sold quickly.


Our philosophy for model homes is simple, "Sell Houses". We do this by incorporating three main ingredients:

  1. Create a buzz for the project by providing a unique and a memorable design
  2. Demonstrate through design how the home can accommodate a lifestyle
  3. Enhance the aesthetics of the architecture with proper scale of furnishings, pleasing designs and color pallets

Too many developers are not utilizing the model homes to their full potential. This fact can be proven by touring various developments and finding either no furnished models or a carbon copy of every other development. In today’s slowing market, the right model homes can be the catalyst for a successful project.


With our access to various furniture manufacturers at tremendous savings our fees are surprisingly affordable.

For more information on model home services, please call us at 760.346.3838.